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For several years now has “taken the mystery out of searching for retirement living” in Ontario. In doing so, we have become a well-used and well-respected source of information that we have now brought to the National level. In doing our research, we know that no two provinces have identical resources for seniors – some even have different terminology for the same thing!

In an effort to acknowledge this and work with it, we have customized web pages for each province. On this page & through a few of the links you will find information specific to retirement & seniors resources in the Nova Scotia area. Originally only retirement home specific, we have recently expanded  to include even more information on different resources and various other housing options including nursing homes and seniors’ apartment buildings across Canada.

Through other links, you will connect with our main site where you will have the benefit of our unique and detailed search feature (“Retirement Home Finder”) and other options. Returning to your Nova Scotia page is one click away if you navigate to the province-specific links on the bottom of the home page.

Every year we continue to grow and change as we expand our database of information and develop unique aspects of our site catering to every province in Canada. Please come back soon and often to see what’s new in Nova Scotia for seniors and professionals who work with them.

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